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OEM Products
A Complete Line of Facet®/Purolator® Gas and Diesel Fuel Pumps

Your customers demand the best from your engine’s performance. We design and manufacture OEM and Aftermarket fuel pumps that Move Fuel and meet or exceed performance specs from manufacturers worldwide. Our high performance fuel pumps are light-weight, compact pumps that deliver exceptional output ranges for every application from racing cars to heavy duty agriculture or construction use.

Our proven solid-state fuel pump technology provides universal performance for low and high pressure carburetor applications for cars, vans, RV’s, light trucks and diesel applications.

For high pressure fuel injection applications we design and manufacture in-line and in-tank fuel injector pumps and modules for all domestic and foreign nameplate automobiles and light trucks. All fuel pumps and modules come with installation kits and strainers for safe, fast, and easy installation.

Our Facet® DURA-LIFT® Fuel Pumps are built tough for demanding needs such as diesel transfer applications, for truck refrigeration units or operating generator sets.

Our OEM performance line of gas and diesel fuel pumps includes: Facet® High Performance GOLD-FLO® Solid State, Facet® CUBE Solid State, Facet® POSI-FLO®, and Facet® DURA-LIFT®. Read the information below for the correct pump to meet your applications.

These pumps are not recommended for aviation use.

Facet®High Performance GOLD-FLO®Solid State Fuel Pumps

An industry standard for over 60 years, these lightweight compact pumps can be found in almost every conceivable application. With output ranges up to 170.3 liters/hour, .68 bar, these pumps will provide high-performance output for everything from racing cars to heavy duty agricultural and construction machinery.

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Cube fuel pump

Facet®CUBE®Solid State Fuel Pumps

The best solid-state technology available for OE and aftermarket applications is right here. With thousands of successful applications and millions of pumps sold worldwide these electronic fuel pumps provide outputs up to 132.5 liters/hour and .68 bar. Two universal models provide complete coverage for all low and high-pressure carburetor applications for cars, vans, RV’s light trucks, diesel and Japanese brand applications.

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Facet® POSI-FLO®Solid State Fuel Pumps

This easy to install, lightweight universal electronic fuel pump with state-of-the-art design can be used in all carburetor-equipped vehicles and also as a diesel lift pump. In many applications, the Facet®/Purolator® POSI-FLO® Fuel Pump allows for a convenient interchange with the cube style fuel pump. All models of the Facet®/Purolator® Fuel Pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, blended alcohol fuels, and fuel additives.

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Facet® DURA-LIFT®Solid State Fuel Pumps

When you need a tough, hard working fuel pump for diesel transfer applications such as truck refrigeration units, generator sets or gas fuel supply systems then the Facet® DURA-LIFT® is the answer. With a minimum lift of 10 feet, these fuel pumps provide outputs up to 125 liters per hour, 11.5 psi .76 bar. In thousands of proven on-the-job applications, these pumps have earned the reputation to wear the name – Facet®.

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“IMPORTANT: Facet & Purolator fuel pumps are not for aircraft applications”

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