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Fuel FittingsFuel Filters

DURA-LIFT® Pump Accessories CUBE® / POSI-FLO® Pump AccessoriesGOLD-FLO® Pump Accessories

Fuel Fittings

Part NumberStyleHose BarbThread SizeMaterial
41199Straight5/16" 1/8-27 NPTBrass
42733Elbow1/4" 1/8-27 NPTBrass
42734Straight1/4"1/8-27 NPTBrass
42774Elbow3/8"1/8-27 NPTBrass
42971SAEJ20441/8-27 NPTBrass
43040Straight3/8"1/8-27 NPTBrass
43121SAEJ20441/8-27 NPTNickel Plate
43203Straight5/16" 1/8-27 NPTNickel Plate
479792Elbow5/16" 1/8-27 NPTBrass

Fuel Filters

Part NumberStyleHose BarbThread SizeMaterialFor Use WithCompatible WithMicron
42353InternalN/AN/ADURA-LIFTGas & Diesel80
42370InternalN/AN/AGOLD-FLOGas & Diesel74
43175External Clear5/16"1/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBE Gas & Diesel74
43176External Clear1/2"1/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBE Gas & Diesel74
43177External ClearSAEJ20441/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBEGas & Diesel74
43178External Clear3/8"1/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBEGas & Diesel74
43179External Clear5/16"1/2-20 UNFCUBEGas & Diesel74
43180External Clear1/2"1/2-20 UNFCUBEGas & Diesel74
479729InternalN/AN/AGOLD-FLOGas & Diesel74
479735External Steel5/16"1/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBEGas & Diesel74
479808InternalN/AN/AGOLD-FLOGas & Diesel400
FEP42370InternalN/AN/AGOLD-FLOGas & Diesel74
FEP735External Steel5/16"1/8-27 NPTPOSI-FLO & CUBEGas & Diesel74

DURA-LIFT® Pump Accessories

Part NumberDescription
42339DURA-LIFT Fuel Filter Bowl Gasket
42764DURA-LIFT Fuel Filter Bowl & Gasket

CUBE® / POSI-FLO® Pump Accessories

Part NumberDescription
41124(1 ea.) 5/16" Barbed Elbow & (1ea) 5/16" Barbed Straight Fuel Fittings with 1/8-27 threads
42586Facet Box kit (nuts, bolts, fittings)
42804Facet Clamshell kit (2ea) bolts, nuts, (1ea) fitting, (without fuel filter)

GOLD-FLO® Pump Accessories
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Part NumberDescription
41814GOLD-FLO Fuel Filter (200 micron)
41874GOLD-FLO Bottom Cover
42807GOLD-FLO Cover & Wire kit
478987GOLD-FLO Cable Assembly
479012GOLD-FLO Fuel Filter Magnet
479136GOLD-FLO Fuel Filter Gasket



“IMPORTANT: Facet & Purolator fuel pumps are not for aircraft applications”

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