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Fuel Pump FAQs

Should the pump ever turn off?

The pump will always stay running as long as power is supplied.

Can fuel be pulled through the pump when the pump is off?

Yes, providing that you choose a part number that does not have an internal positive shut off valve.

How should the Facet® universal pumps be mounted?

The fuel pump should be mounted with the outlet above the inlet. This will help with eliminating vapor lock issues. Never located the pump so the outlet is below the inlet. Horizontal mounting will not affect fuel delivery performance.

Where is the part number located?

You can find the Facet® part number located on Solid State and GOLD-FLO® fuel pumps stamped on the mounting bracket, with two or three numbers on each side of the bolt hole. This number usually starts with a 40. The POSI-FLO® and DURA-LIFT® fuel Pumps have the full part number dot-peened on the black housing.

How many amps does the Facet® fuel pump require to operate properly?

All Facet® low pressure fuel pumps 12v or 24v require 5 Amps source to perform correctly. The DC average is 1.4 amps.

What size fuse should I use to install the Facet® fuel pump?

We recommend you install a 3AMP fuse to every installation.

Can I mount the pump in my car's engine compartment?

We recommend that you mount the fuel pump no more that 12 inches from the fuel supply (gas tank). All our Electronic fuel pumps will push fuel rather than pull fuel. Some pumps only have a suction limit of 12 inches, therefore you should mount as close as possible to the tank

Operating Temperature Range for Low Pressure Pumps?

Our pumps are designed to operate in ambient temperatures of -40F to 180F.

How much fuel should be in the Duralift filter bowl during normal operation?

Due to the differential pressure between the interior area of the filter and the exterior area (between filter OD and bowl) and the sealing qualities of the upper filter gasket, you may observe a difference in the height of the fluid in the bowl of our pump. In addition, any other variable that affects the differential pressure will also affect fluid height, i.e. partially clogged filters. The more the differential pressure the lower the level in the bowl.

In any case, the fluid height cannot be higher than the pick-up, and the pick-up of the pump is 1/2 lower than the top of the filter and bowl. In a worse case scenario, the fluid is always traveling through the filter for proper filtration.

Where is the part number on the Facet fuel pumps?

The Facet Cube and GOLD-FLO fuel pump part number is stamped on the mounting bracket. There are numbers on each side of the bolt hole starting with a 4 for example 40 104. The DURA-LIFT and POSI-FLO part number is scribed on the black housing.

What is the function of the internal check valve?

The internal check valve has two functions: to stop fuel from returning to the fuel tank when the pump is powered off and to increase the vertical lift capability of the fuel pump allowing the pump to be installed further away from the fuel tank.

What is the function of the internal positive shutoff valve?

The internal positive shutoff valve will prevent fuel flow from the fuel tank when the pump is off.

Can fuel be pulled through the Facet fuel pump?

Fuel can be pulled through the Facet fuel pump when the pump is powered off (the pump must not have an internal positive shutoff valve).

Which Facet fuel pumps are recommended for Marine applications?

The Facet Cube and GOLD-FLO fuel pumps meet the Coast Guard Ignition Protection test 33CFR183.410 and the Fire & Thermo Shock Test 33CFF183.590.

What Facet fuel pumps are UL Listed?

The Facet Cube pumps are UL listed.

Are Facet fuel pumps Reach and RoHs compliant?

All Facet fuel pumps are REACH and RoHs compliant.

Are there any Facet fuel pumps rated for positive ground applications?

The Facet Cube fuel pump can be installed in a positive ground application.

What fuels are Facet fuel pumps rated for?

All Facet low pressure fuel pump models are compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, E85, blended alcohol and fuel additives.

Are Facet fuel pumps a diaphragm pump?

All Facet electronic fuel pumps are a solenoid design.

How high can the Facet DURA-LIFT fuel pump lift fuel?

The Facet DURA-LIFT has an average vertical lift of 120 inches.

Do Facet fuel pumps need to be primed?

All Facet fuel pump models are self-priming.

What voltages do Facet fuel pumps come in?

Facet manufactures 12 volt and 24 volt models.

Can Facet fuel pumps be used in a diesel application?

Facet fuel pumps are the leading brand for electronic diesel priming fuel pumps.

What is the internal fuel filter micron rating for the GOLD-FLO pump?

The Facet GOLD-FLO fuel pumps have an internal replaceable 74 micron nylon mesh fuel filter.

What is the fuel filter rating for the DURA-LIFT fuel pump?

The Facet DURA-LIFT fuel pumps have a stainless steel 80 micron fuel filter that can be cleaned and reused.

Does Facet make a priming pump for Tier 4 electronic fuel injection engines?

The Facet Cube and DURA-LIFT style fuel pumps have models with internal stainless components to meet the new diesel fuel injection requirements.

When did Facet start manufacturing electronic fuel pumps?

The first electronic fuel pumps were manufactured in 1950 by Bendix in the same Elmira, NY facility as the current Facet fuel pumps are made today.

How should the Facet fuel pump be mounted?

In a gasoline installation, mounting the fuel pump with the outlet higher than the inlet will help prevent vapor lock in hot conditions. Facet recommends mounting the pump at a 45 degree to completely vertical position with the outlet up. However, mounting the pump horizontally will not alter the pump’s performance.

Are Facet fuel pumps better for pulling or pushing fuel?

Facet pumps with internal check valve has a higher vertical lift rating than pumps without the check valve. All Facet fuel pumps can lift a minimum of 24 inches. This specification is listed on our website by part number.

What size wire is recommended for installing the Facet fuel pumps?

The Facet fuel pump should be installed using at least 18 gauge wire which is the same as the lead wires coming from the pump.

Can Facet fuel pumps be mounted in a positive ground system?

Only the Facet Cube Solid State fuel pump can be mounted in a positive ground system. The red wire will go to the frame and the black wire will go to the negative side of the battery.

Does Facet make a 6 volt fuel pump?

Facet fuel pumps are 12 volt or 24 volt.

Can the DURA-LIFT fuel filter separate water from diesel fuel?

The 80 micron fuel filter does not have the capability to separate water from the fuel.

Why doesn’t the filter bowl fill completely up on the DURA-LIFT fuel pump?

Fuel will not completely fill up the bowl due to the inlet of the pump draws fuel from the inside of the filter giving the impression the bowl is not full.

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