1950: Began manufacturing the CUBE Solid State electric fuel pumps.


1960: Introduced the Interrupter Electric fuel pump and was redesigned in 1998 as the new GOLD-FLO Solid State Electronic fuel pump 1967: Bendix Corporation acquires Fram Corporation. Fram Corp [De] is formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendix Corp. The...


1979: Purolator Products Inc. [De] is incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary or Purolator Automotive and Industrial Products, Inc. is incorporated [De]. 1974: Pursuant to an order to the FTC, Bendix Corp. organized FACET Enterprises, Inc. [De].


1986-1987: Purolator Products, Inc. is sold to FACET Enterprises [De]; Facet® and Purolator Products, Inc [De] merge; Facet® as the surviving corporation and changes its name to Purolator Products Company.


1999: Purolator Automotive Purolator Products Company merges into Arvin Industries. Purolator Products Company/ Facet® Filter Products Division merges into CLARCOR. Motor Components, LLC® [De] is formed and retained by Mark IV Industries. 1995: Introduced the...